Approaches for Selecting Wedding Photographer

wedding photography singaporeWonderful wedding imagery preserved in memorable, beautiful, sometimes funny or emotion-filled photographs is something that no wedding is complete without. The wedding-day, planned so much ahead of time and eagerly awaited, fades by all too fast and one way to capture those moments forever is through amazing photographs that will stand the test of time.

Today, most couples know exactly what they want their wedding pictures to look like. They need different moods, emotions, colors, family-groups, events, ceremonies and rituals, venues, etc to be captured.

Types of Wedding Photography

Most couples want a session of pre wedding photography. This gives them a chance to be more spontaneous, emotional and express their personalities better in front of the camera. It also helps them relax and helps the photographer to understand their individual personalities so that he/she can use this information to take brilliant wedding portraits later.

Another important aspect to be covered during weddings is family photography. These are great occasions for families to get together and enjoy the feeling of bonding over renewed relationships, great food, drinks and entertainment. A skilled wedding photographer Singapore and elsewhere would find himself / herself clicking away, caught up in the excitement and emotional moments as several generations of family members gather under one roof!

Actual day photographers in Singapore and elsewhere may be the same professionals who have done the pre wedding and family groups photographs or they may be specialists who only work on the actual wedding day and ceremony.

Tips on Selecting the Right Wedding Photographer

Your wedding photographs are as important as the venue, your outfits, the food and the ceremony!

So keep a few tips in mind while selecting a wedding photographer in Singapore or elsewhere.

– Start looking early enough and not just a week before
– Local is great, unless you’re choosing a world-class artist
– Get recommendations from trusted sources
– Select someone whose work you’ve seen and liked
– Don’t rely on uncle, cousin, aunt, best friend’s sister-in-law to come up with great wedding pics – get a professional
– Be clear about what you want – let the pictures match both your personalities and not that of the photographer’s
– Ask for samples of their work and talk to former clients
– Cross-check their professional credentials
– Discuss venues and state your preferences clearly
– Don’t scrimp on the budget, but don’t go overboard either
– Get an estimate that covers everything, including transport, props etc and sign a contract

Choose a wedding photographer in Singapore who would be able to present your special day in the way you want to remember it.

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