The Different Styles of Wedding Photography

When it comes to choosing the best style of wedding photography, many people get confused because there are many different styles that one can choose from.

Digital – There is one choice that you have to make in the beginning and that is whether you need to go for the digital photography or the film photography. Generally, the mostly practiced photography is the digital photography. Digital photography has its own perks like it can save a lot of your time. Also, digital photography makes it easy for you to see the photographs a day or two after the photo session. Also, digital photography is done with cameras with higher dynamic range, making it easy to click photographs in low light.

Film – The other kind of wedding photography Singapore offers is the film photography. Mostly the film photography comprises of photographs that are softer and have an organic touch to them. Also, in film photography, there is a better range that can be seen in the photographs. Film photography might open doors to new opportunities, but it is not hidden that film photography can be pretty expensive. Also, film, photography involves more work than usual. In film photography, it takes time to edit the pictures and also there is the cost of buying the film rolls. Even if you click pictures, you have to wait for the processing to be done which itself takes a lot of time. All this makes film photography hard to practice which is why it is diminishing every day.

Drama – After deciding between film and digital, now you have a choice for dramatic photography. This type of photography is totally dependent upon the lighting. Lighting is something that takes a lot of time to master, and there are times when a photographer has to create its own light in order to get that perfect picture. So if you want the actual day photography Singapore to be dramatic then talk to the photographer about it and see some of his or her previous work that involved dramatic photography. And once you decide everything, talk to the photographer about the plan so that he or she can execute it.

Classic- This is another example of the type of outdoor photography. If you want to give your wedding photographs a classic look, then this one is perfect for you. This photography can make your photographs look more like they used to look during your grandparents’ time. The base of this photography is more formal. The pose of the photographs in this might look simple, but once the photographer completes its job, then those basic photographs can easily turn into the piece of art. So communicate with your photographer about your plan once you make your mind.

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