Family Photography- Latest Trends You Should Know

wedding photography singaporeModern families are choosing family photography as a unique way to treasure their vibrant recollection. This incredible style of photography can showcase the casual lifestyle of your family. A family photograph can be wisely used to decorate the walls of your house. You can wrap a family photograph as a gift for your family members and they will surely admire the idea. You should be aware about the latest trends in family photography before going to shoot photos. You can also take guidance from an professional actual day photographer to assist you.

  1. Family photography shoot in the home- Nowadays, it has become fashion to have the family photography sessions in the home itself. Family members feel comfortable and relaxed to shoot indoors. In their home, they have the chance to display their casual daily lifestyle in vivid photographs. This shoot will not require extra dollars spent on lavish backgrounds. You can create great backdrops by showing off your favorite room or wall in your home. Natural sunlight through windows can set a perfect location for clicking photographs. You can make your photos livelier by even capturing candid shots in the backyard of your house.
  1. Trend of sparkling colors in the photo- The current trend in family photography includes creating a blend of bright hues that sparks energy into the photographs. Photography is shifting from classic colors to funky shades which produce realistic photos to treasure. Synchronizing the outfits of the family members according to a single color palette also makes the photos look more appealing.
  1. Wedding and pre wedding photography– Photographing the newlywed couple with the entire family is a perfect addition to the family photography. You can shoot the best family formals on the eve of your wedding by a wedding photographer Singapore. These photographs will become the souvenirs to document the special times spent with your loving family members on your special day. An actual day photographer Singapore can make your wedding day a memorable one by creating blissful images with your family members.
  1. Family photographs in the outdoors- By shooting outdoors, you can find a range of beautiful sceneries to choose as a backdrop. There can be amazing locations in your hometown like urban style brick walls or walkways. Open fields having greenery all around with an elegant view of the setting sun can create a fantastic scene to shoot. Nature has many scenic locations from rolling hills to snowy trees that will always be amazing in a family photograph.
  1. Family photographs from unique angles- Gone are the days when every photo was taken in formal poses! The trend today is to shoot family photographs in a more creative way. The photographer uses his talent to arrange the members in unique poses and take photos from different angles that gives the photos a fun and playful touch.

Family photography is a great way to cherish the sweet moments spent together. A skilled photographer can fabricate a recollection that will reflect your family lifestyle for decades to come.

5 Factors to consider before choosing maternity photography services

Mothers today are excited to capture the journey of their pregnancy. It is understandable given how it is an emotional time and families often want to capture the precious moments before their child comes into the world. Maternity photography has become the trend of the times with moms getting bolder and more open about their experiences of being pregnant.

These shoots occur between week 6 and week 8 of the due date’s arrival. Since time is of the essence, at least regarding this one life event, there is no scope for a re-shoot of any kind. Hence, it is imperative that you pick the right photographer for you who can make most of the little time he or she has to capture this precious event. Here are 5 factors that you need to look into before choosing a maternity photography service:

  1. Research is key – Most photography services, may it be wedding photography or maternity, have detailed websites that contain portfolios of their work. If you are swayed by the kind of photographs you see, then contact the service immediately. If you have no clue about maternity photography, asking referrals is also a great idea. If someone you know has had a wonderful experience, chances are that you will too. There are reviews and testimonials you can read through as well, before you make a decision.
  2. Experience speaks for itself – While doing your research, you will come to know who has more experience in the world of family photography in general. Look for someone who specializes in pregnancy or newborn photography because these photographers know what are the best lighting and poses to play with when it comes to clicking pregnant women. Everything from the angle to the position of the body structure and belly matters.
  3. Weight on the pocket – Always have a clear view on your budget before contacting any baby photography Singapore Ask as many questions as you want about what to expect during the session and the rates. There needs to be full clarity of what the expenditure will be like and you have the freedom to go with any photography service that suits you best.
  4. Talented editors – Your photographer should be an expert editor. Photography of this nature entails a bulk of photos being clicked of the client. Having a keen eye to pick the best out of the lot is a unique talent that only experts possess. Experienced photographers will be able to sort through them all and pick out the most aesthetic ones. The talent lies in retaining the candid nature of the photograph.
  5. Digital way or the film way? – Kid photography Singapore has two options in prints, either film or digital. There is a difference in the price range between the two and even factors like longevity and quality differ between the two. The world is moving towards digital, however, because it is much more affordable and versatile in its usage.

Benefits Of Using Baby Photography Props

Newborn photography

The arrival of a newborn baby is celebrated with joy and happiness and the memories are captured in photographs. Maternity photography is trending nowadays. It involves clicking pictures of the parents at the time of pregnancy. It also involves pictures of the newborn baby. Various props can be used for newborn photography sessions. This can make the pictures look more attractive and memorable. There is a wide range of ideas for having photographs of a newborn baby. You can use different props, themes, designs, etc. These photographs not only capture moments, but it also captures the emotions. They will be so memorable that you will not shy to show these photos to your children and even grandchildren.

What are the photography props?

Photography props mean using various objects or concepts that add beauty to the photographs. Using props makes the pictures look more beautiful and adds some humor and story to the picture.

In newborn photography, you can use various toys or themes which can engage the baby during photographs. In addition to newborn photography, you can also take family pictures. Family photography involves a picture of the newborn baby along with the parents.

Having props in the pictures adds character and interest in a photograph. A prop adds creativity to your photos and enhances its look. But your prop must be related to the theme you are using and it should be matching to the dress-up of your baby. So before using a prop, you must consider certain things in mind. The prop used must be according to the age of your child. For a newborn baby, you can use a basket, bowl, blanket or a cushion as a prop. For an old child, you can use props like flowers, toys, teddy bears etc.

You must try to capture the natural picture of your child. You can capture the real emotions of your child, which will enhance the pictures and make it look more cute and interesting.

The various benefits of using props in baby photography-

  1. It adds creativity

Every parent wants to capture the memories of their newborn baby by clicking pictures. You can add beauty and creativity to those pictures by using various props. You can use various infant props which will ensure a more beautiful and unique picture of your child. You can use cute hairbands or knitted cocoons as newborn photography props.

  1. It adds visual interest

Props add visual interest to the photographs by adding a story to the pictures. You can add some toys, flowers, teddy bears, etc. There are various baby photography companies in Singapore. Baby photography Singapore companies ensure clicking best pictures of your baby.

  1. They keep baby entertained

Props engage the babies due to which they are entertained during the photography sessions. Kid photography Singapore companies offer you great opportunities to get amazing newborn photography and family photography.

Adding some wonderful props will surely create a more interesting and attractive picture than without a prop.

Get Charismatic Wedding Photography In Singapore

Singapore is a beautiful, beautiful place! With places like the Coney-island, east coast park, MacRitchie reservoir, and the Canterbury road, it has grown into a hub for photography and tourism. People from all around the world, have been choosing Singapore for its serene beauty and good name in photography.

Family photography Singapore grew into a commercial business with time. Having learned the benefits of digitization, people developed a desire for saving their beautiful moments safe through digital media. Be it the family functions, birthday parties or a wedding ceremony, we could see families inviting professional photographers to get clicked, because why not?

An actual day wedding photography makes a business out of capturing the precious moments of matrimony. Be it the pre-wedding photo sessions, the wedding ceremonies, or the post-wedding photoshoot, they are always up for it. Encapsulating these flashes of time spent together with the friends, family, and the loved ones is an art and a day photographer owns it. People have been hiring them for charismatic, eye-catching, and artistic photographs for their wedding day or any other actions before and after.

Pre wedding photography helps couples to save some moments before marriage. They get to know each other better. The pre-wedding photographers try to capture the natural moments and expressions to give a vibrant, artistic, and real look in the wedding album. It takes place three to six months before the wedding day and is an opportunity for the partners to spend some quality time together. The candid spent times are surely a memory for a lifetime.

Getting hitched with someone you like and being loved is a beautiful feeling. You have someone who’ll love you and whom you’ll love. You will be sharing the best and worse, the joys and the sorrows, the win and the failures together. Every bit of your life will now be a shared memory with your partner. So, what could be better than capturing the moments full of awe and love to cherish it later with your kids and family?

Singapore is a place full of natural beauty luring people from all over the world. Couples who want a romantic and playful photo shoot with the sunsets, sunrise, and the wild grass can visit places like Tuas Lalang Field for an ancient old look with grandeur Fort Canning Park. You can also visit the Marina Bay Sands for a classy and the dramatic night photo shoot.

The other places like the National Gallery Singapore, Victoria Concert Hall, Gardens by the Bay and the Ju Chiat Alleys have been luring more of couples and newlyweds for their matrimonial photo shoot sessions.

Trends in Modern Family Photography

Freezing the most cherished memories of one’s life is only possible through photography. Photography is an art, which requires skilled personnel to capture the right moments at the right time.Thus, when planning any event or action, one must give special attention top photographers. Not all photographers are the same. To capture the growth of children and their mothers, maternity photography, is done by professionals. New born babies and the memories associated with them can be expertly captured by newborn photography experts. Joyous memories associated with the family can be captured by family photographers. Whatever the occasion is, there is a photographer for it. Choosing the right photographer for a wedding may be a bit daunting. Some tips for choosing a photographer apt for the occasion are:

1.     Charisma: The day of the wedding may be stressful for both of the bride and the groom. In order to capture the best moments of the marriage on film, the photographer should have a good temper. The photographer must be able to understand the mindset of the couple and relax them. Only then, the couple will feel comfortable and their memorable moments will be captured on film. The photographer must also understand the rest of the wedding crew and get along with them.

2.     Style/finesse: The main aim of arranging a photographer for the wedding is to capture the best moments in a clear and memorable way. Hence, the quality of the photographer selected is very important. The sample photographs of the photography team/ photographer must be closely examined and the quality of their work should be judged. The photographer must be chosen only when assurance on the quality of photography is complete.

3.     Experience: Photography is similar to a good wine, which needs time to get better. Only experienced photographers understand the nuances involved in wedding and are prepared to cope up with them. They have a command over the moments which are special and have to be captured on film. Moreover, they also have to exude a certain personality to keep the bride and the groom happy and comfortable. Experience should be one of the primary reasons for choosing/not choosing a photographer.

4.     Value for money: Wedding expenses can be quite much. So, drawing additional expenses because of wedding photography is not ideal. The photography team/ photographer selected for the wedding must be affordable without compromising on quality. The photographer must be clear about the price procedure and all the services covered.

5.     Recommendations: The best way to decide on a wedding photographer isto get recommendations from friends and relatives, who have already planned a wedding by themselves. Your friends and relatives can give better recommendations based on their experience without any monetary concern.Moreover, such recommendations can help to narrow down the search drastically.

The major elements to be considered while choosing a wedding photographer is the cost and intent. If the wedding is on age and scale, then holding back on a photographer is not wise. On the other hand, budget intensive weddings should consider the cost and value for their money.

Baby photography Singapore and kid photography Singapore and other services are also provided by these professional wedding photographers.

Few Tips for Parents and Photographers for a Successful Newborn Photo shoot

The first thing about the newborn photography is the maternity photo shoot. The maternity photography is a wonderful gift and an opportunity to capture the glowing mother before the arrival of her newborn baby. It is a really good opportunity for to make her feel special and comfortable during this difficult period. Such an opportunity would definitely make her feel very special.

Newborn photography is a type of portrait photography. It is the photography in which the beautiful moments are captured. The newborns should be less than two weeks old though. The photographer’s imagination and creativity is tested in such cases. Because it’s a huge responsibility of the photographer to ensure that the baby is safely handled and everyone engaged nicely so that they can get a good click. The best thing is that your parents or family members are around and they can support, carry and pose the kid. They also make them laugh and help them to sleep quickly. The newborns are even included in the family photography.

First of all, choose a great location in Singapore with the help of your photographer. The photographers suggest locations according to your desires so that you can plan a special day in advance. There are many photographers who are expert in kid photography Singapore.

Here are some tips for parents and photographers for a successful newborn photo shoot.

  • The most important tip is to ensure the safety and security of the newborn
  • The first and foremost tip is to make sure that photoshoot is carried when the newborns are less than two weeks old. Because during this period the babies are more comfortable in posing for pictures.
  • The camera equipment is very essential. When the photographers capture a good exposure they can change the lenses and take a film directly.
  • The photographers editing and creative skills make every shoot perfect. Try to use the natural lights in maximum level. These are some small but important details for a baby photoshoot.
  • The parents can make use of every item which they already have. For instance, a car seat is a perfect setup for baby to pose.
  • Always ask help from your parents whenever you need. In this case you don’t need an extra person for assisting you and it is safer for the baby as well.
  • Try to keep the baby warm with a blanket, if the baby shoot is performed without any clothes.
  • You don’t tend to move too quickly when shooting newborns. You’ll definitely have plenty of time to frame your shot. So there is no rush to frame it, but make sure that it’s all right before you click the camera since the subsequent sounds may cause the baby to be awakened or disturbed.
  • A simple way to add character to your shots is important to capture unique moments. For instance, a particular toy or a favorite piece of furniture would do a perfect job for this purpose. This also helps to make a difference in newborn photography since every newborn looks almost the same.

New parents always want to capture the perfect click of their newborn. It is like a dream that is coming true for them. It is a picture-perfect moment for the parents as well as for the photographers.

How to Prepare for Your Newborn Baby First Photo Session?

In this fast-paced life, photographs became a reminder of all the precious memories of life. This is the reason why nowadays everyone is busy to capture those beautiful moments and events to store them for a very long time.

Maternity and childbirth are one of such moments that a mother and family would like to remember as long as possible. That is why newborn photography has become important nowadays. You can easily capture every moment of their new phase in life while enjoying and experiencing every moment. Mostly baby photography is done during the first month of the birth while living their life outside the womb.

Below are some tips that will help you in capturing the best shots of the newborn babies.

  • Scheduling for the photo sessions: The best time of a photoshoot for the newborn babies is 5-10 days after the birth. Because this is the time when they are flexible and it is easier to curl them up into various adorable poses. On the other hand, setting the dates for photography and taking a photograph at the right time is very important instead of rushing around. It will provide parents enough time to decide on the photo shoot themes.
  • Make sure to communicate with the photographers: Communicating with the photographers in kid photography Singapore is important so that the parents can let the photographer know about the themes, styles and colors they want in the photo shoot. By the timely communication, the necessary arrangements regarding props and shots can be made without any hassle.
  • Having ideas related to the photo shoot: The parents should have a clear vision and idea about the overall appearance of the baby’s first portraits. Creative ideas will help professional photographers to choose the best suiting styles and to make better shots. With the proper vision, the parents and the photographer will be able to arrange the right props and outfits on time without missing any detail.
  • Feeding the baby: It is really important to keep the newborn babies relaxed and calm down during the photo shoot. Feeding them until they are full and making them relaxed is the only way to have a successful photo shoot. One way is to feed them just 30 minutes before the photo shoot or to keep a bottle ready to feed in the middle of the photo shoot. A fully fed baby is always happy and will definitely ensure beautiful portraits.
  • Pre-packing : Make sure to pre-pack everything that will be needed during the shoot at a photography studio Singapore. Also do not look for things frantically before the event. Since it is a newborn photo shoot, all of their stuff such as diaper bags, feeding bottle, extra baby clothes, the props, and outfits should be properly packed for an immediate use.
  • Proper dressing : Most of the photoshoot is done when the baby is fully fed and asleep. For this reason, it will be better and easier to have button-up clothes for not disturbing the sleeping baby while taking off their clothes. For sure, the parents should have the right outfit to for the first perfect family portrait.

Newborn photography is part of the family photography session that you should not miss. It is the best way to capture the very early moments of your kid’s moments that can be cherished forever.

About Maternity Photoshoot – Roles to Play During Maternity Photography

What is a Maternity Photoshoot?

A maternity photo shoot is a photography session that is held a few weeks before the delivery due date of an expecting mother to celebrate the pregnancy and capture some precious moments of the mother-to-be and the baby bump which will produce a beautiful baby in a few weeks.

What better way to lock all pregnancy memories than by storing a thousand pictures of them? A maternity photographer will help achieve this goal. A professional photographer helps you set the ambience and the poses while you relax and relive this time a few years later. Maternity photography has been an increasing and popular trend in Singapore with about 27 expected mothers conducting them every 24 hours.

Want a dreamy maternity photo shoot?

Every mother wants a beautiful photoshoot for her to relish the memories later on. A perfect shoot is every mother’s dream. But what are some of the ways to get the best and be the best? Let us have a look.

1. Find inspirations.

Want a fairy-tale maternity photo shoot? Look up sites like Tumblr and Pinterest to find inspiration and ideas for your photo shoot. Decide on the theme first. What do you want to adopt? An elegant, classic, retro look maybe? Rummage through the pages of these websites to help you decide the perfect theme.

2. Choose a photographer that makes you comfortable.

Every photographer has a different way of facilitating a shoot which may or may not gel well with you. Thus, it is extremely crucial that you do thorough research of some of the photographers so that they can offer the style you want and can also make it a light, relaxing session for you. Relaxing during the photo shoot is of utmost importance.

3. Include other elements to the maternity shoot.

It is a cherry on the cake if your family is a part of your photo shoot. Try hiring a family photographer to store precious moments with your family for a lifetime. Also, if you have any other children, creating some pictures with them is a great idea. Kid photography, Singapore is an essential part of many photo shoots and excites the elder child waiting to bond with the baby to come.

4. Simplicity is key!

The idea of a maternal photoshoot is to capture the expecting mother and the baby bump. So, make sure to keep them in the limelight and not have a cluttered background that distracts the focus of the shoot. Try going for simple, yet flattering outfits and accessories.

5. What is the next step?

Going for another photo shoot after the baby is born is not a bad idea either. Give serious thought to ‘newborn photography’. Get pictures taken of you and the newborn to capture memories of this novel birth. Baby birth photography Singapore has surpassed maternity photo shoots extensively. After all, who doesn’t want a precious newborn to grace their pictures? These photographs would be just as priceless as the ones prior to the birth!

Best Natural Maternity Photography Session with Professional Photographer

Curating Memories

Newborn photography

No matter how successful of a career one establishes for themselves or how much money they earn in their lifetime, in the end everything is just reduced to their memories that they have created and lived through their lives and one of the most important phase and course of duration during which any person in the world creates the best and the happiest of memories is during their maternity period for this is the time after which a couple’s lives takes a drastic turn and completely changes the dynamics of their lives. Hence, it is only natural and understandable if one decides to make these memories of theirs permanent by capturing some of their beautiful moments by engaging in a little something called maternity photography.


Engaging in family photography is a lot easier said than done. The first and the biggest problem that one faces is how to achieve this seemingly easy task. Not all of us are born photographers who can decide everything that goes into a photo-shoot such as the background, the poses, the lighting, the editing and all the thousand other things that go into clicking the perfect picture. Had it been the case that just a single picture had to be clicked, one could somehow manage to achieve this feat but how exactly can you sum up nine months of your memories and moments in a single picture which further escalates the most pertinent question, “how do you do this”?

In a world full of services of all sorts, there is no need to wrack your brains and bum yourself out over such small problems. Do not overthink it and just hire a professional photographer who can make your journey towards achieving some perfect sets of photographs to encapture your permanent happiness a whole lot easy. For professional maternity photographers, it doesn’t matter whether you want to shoot indoors or outdoors since they pack with themselves a ton of experience and poses that makes newborn photography seem like a child’s play. Just keep following their lead and allow them to take care of the rest.


Although with a true professional you need not worry much about things, but just as a probationary step, following are some pose tips that you may think to consider and include in your album of baby photography Singapore just in the event you photographer misses out on them-

1. Mom Alone: It is perfectly understood if the birth giver wants to have a separate moment with her child which is why having a portrait of the mother embracing that bump is a must-have.

2. Father with the belly : It is the truth that fathers don’t get to spend as much time with their child as much they or the child would want making it a compulsion for the father to have something to cherish for later making this pose of the dad embracing or talking to the bump another tender and affectionate pose.

3. Have some fun moments : One of the best ways to make your kid photography Singapore a lot more memorable is to not just have cute and intimate moments but also include some fun moments such as dancing, walk around while holding hands, or whatever makes you enjoy the mood most.

Hire a Professional Maternity Photographer for a Memorable Photo Shoot

Newborn photographyEvery family wants to capture moments and make memories. Those moments which always bring a smile to our faces whenever we look at them. We had a photo album which was solely dedicated to us. It kept all of our memories locked inside it and preserved our childhood. Times changed and this photo album gained a new digital form. It still has all our memories, but in a different form. Nowadays, parents love to start to preserve those memories as early as possible.

The concept of maternity photography is great. It is the best way to enjoy your pregnancy. It is a very tough as well as a joyous moment for a woman. Therefore, to capture the moments you had a life inside your womb is very touching. To record the process of your happiest moments of your life is soothing and good. Many people feel they are not pretty when they are pregnant. This can be because of the physical and mental changes your body undergoes when you are pregnant. Having a maternity photography can boost up your confidence and make you happy. It also helps you take a break from your busy schedule and help some more time with yourself as well as your family.

Baby photography is also gaining popularity due to social media. We always see those baby photos which just squeezes our heart just looking at those small precious little pumpkins. We just feel like taking their photographs because they look so pure and cute. Every parent adores their baby and wants to capture those precious moments.

Hiring a baby photographer is easy but difficult at the same time. New-born babies are quite delicate, so you need a photographer who is careful with your baby and also takes great photographs. Handling the baby carefully at the same time capturing those shots is quite a task. Since babies don’t know how to pose, we always take candid shots. A good baby photographer is someone who is able to capture those candid shots at the same time making sure the baby is safe and keeping happy.

A good tip to hire a good photographer is to see to if he or she is good with kids and knows how to handle them. Since baby photography is gaining popularity, especially newborn photography it is ideal to hire a good photographer who comes at an affordable price. It’s also advisable to use safe lighting and not too much flash as the babies are not comfortable with it and it also might scare them. Also see to it that you hire a photographer who is patient with you and your baby as babies tend to be moody and can handle them very well along with capturing the right shot with minimal repetition.

Along with baby photography Singapore, kid photography is also popular. Here too patience and handling is the key. Every photographer has to be creative and click good pictures with minimal setup. There are n number of photography studios in Singapore that do these kind of photoshoots, but choosing the right one is difficult. The above tips if followed, will make your job easier.