Baby Photography – A Great Trend Brings Lifelong Pleasure

The best way to make memories is to click through photographs. Every person has their own photo album with all their photographs since childhood. Whenever we take a look at an old photograph, several memories flash through our mind that makes us feel nostalgic. A photograph is something that tells so much about the moment it captured, small details, everything. Today photographs have taken a new form called a byte. Our parents are always the ones clicking through our photos from when we were little and capturing those memories to cherish them forever. As parents we wish to capture similar memories for our children.

Since photography has taken digital form it has become easier to store these memories. Photography used to be just a hobby, but now it can quite easily become a profession. Baby photography is popular right now. Every parent wants a great picture of their baby that they can use to remember special moments in time. We used to just take these photos ourselves, but now many people hire professionals to take adorable baby photographs. Since beautiful photography is trending, most parents want beautiful and adorable pictures of their newborn. That is the main reason that professional baby photography has become such a trend.

There are many freelancers and photo studios available that are solely dedicated to family photography. Just one call and they will be at your doorstep. Since they are professional photographers, you will definitely obtain the best results. With newborns, there is always a need for safety. Generally, in these shoots, parents play assistants and will help the baby pose for great candid photographs. It’s a very popular trend and has a great demand.

Just like baby photography, maternity photography is popular as well. Many people post their maternity photo shoots on various social networking sites. Mostly they try to capture the growth of the baby to cherish those moments when their baby was in the womb, growing. The series then continues with photographs of their baby growing older which brings us to kid photography Singapore. Just like with baby photography, parents hire professionals to take photographs of their kids. It’s similar to baby photography in that they try to capture precious moments with their kids. They wish to photograph their child’s journey as they grow up.

There are many professional kid photography studios in Singapore that take perfect candid photographs and that charge affordable rates, but, if you are an enthusiast, here are some tips to help you take great pictures yourself. If you want to create good candid photographs, then you must make sure the shutter speed is fast enough to freeze the frame. You can use this trick when there is enough light. Camera flash produces sufficient light, but it tends to make the picture look unnatural, so you should avoid using that as the only source of light for your picture. You also should not use the camera flash when taking close up photos of your baby. Use a low aperture to make sure you get a nice depth of field since this helps the picture to look more professional. And last but not least, don’t forget to play with different angles. You can also use different props like toys to help it look more natural.

About Baby Photography- Do Not Compromise Your Own Parameters

Photography is a science in itself. And meeting the clients’ expectations can be challenging sometimes. Especially when you have to capture a newborn with your camera that is too young to follow your instructions. Handling a baby for that specific time period when you are not a parent can be a herculean task for some people. But, once you get in command, and everything from lights to props are as you wanted them to be, snapping a baby is one of the most amazing and overwhelming experience. Here are some tips for amazing baby photography:

– What does the client want: Discussing with the client whether they want the kid photography Singapore to be done in the studio or at some specific location like home, hospital, outdoor shoot etc. This will give you time to plan things and it is equally important to discuss your ideas with them so that they can visualize it in their mind and give a nod to go further.

The studio shoots may take up to four to six hours with feeding and potty breaks included. Each photo has to be photoshoped to get the exact results. These are best done when the baby is 2-3 weeks old. Props like soft blankets, hats, wraps, headgears can further increase the charm.

Home and hospital shoots are comparatively casual if client wishes to capture the natural images. This part can start from the time the mother gets hospitalized for delivery and pictures with full term baby bump can be added to maternity photography album too. The second part begins with welcoming the baby in the family and capturing the amazing reactions of the parents.

– Beforehand preparations: Studios have everything ready, but home sessions need preparation. The photographer should always have a checklist with him and get the location set as per the need. The checklist involves, but not limited to, camera, backup, lenses, memory cards, props like toys and other accessories, baby beanbags, step stool, clamps and backdrop stand, boppy pillows, waterproof padding, blankets and hats, etc.

– Preparation by clients: As the sessions are time consuming, the parents have to be mentally prepared for the same. It is advised to bathe the kid and feed him an hour before the shoot. They must also carry adequate diapers and must feed them intermittently. They must get ready clothing that would keep the baby warm.

– Allow the baby to inspire you: It always helps if you have some poses in your mind, but capturing the uniqueness of a child is fun in itself. Clicking the closeups on baby’s soft, creamy skin, beautiful eyes, pink lips, fluffy cheeks, a yawning mouth, stretched hands, little fists and toes while he enjoys a nap are not to be missed parts of baby photography.

Singapore has some of the most amazing studios to get the best clicks of your newborn. More and more families are getting their maternity, baby and family photography done by these experts behind the lens. A little preparation and communication can give you outcomes that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Few Useful Things About Professional Baby Photography

Newborn Photography Singapore

As you may know, baby photography is trending very much nowadays. These are something which parents wish to do happily for their babies.

The things which parents must keep in mind while hiring a professional photographer for baby photography are: the baby must be very comfortable, he or she must be wearing comfortable clothing, the baby should not be sick, prepare beforehand the poses you want the photographer to take of your baby so that even you can put your personal touch to your baby’s photographs.

Some of these things must also be kept in mind while hiring a professional photographer for maternity photography: the mother should be comfortable with the position in which she is to be photographed, she should be wearing comfortable clothing and should not assume risky poses that can make her feel uneasy and if the poses are way too difficult, they can possibly harm the baby.

The main thing which should be kept in mind is that the photographer should not misuse the photographs that he or she has taken for their own profit as they can be misused which can be dangerous for a baby in the case of baby photography and for a mother in the case of a maternity photography.

Some of these things must be kept in mind while taking kid photography in Singapore. The parents should inform the professional photographer beforehand not to misuse their child’s photographs for his own profit and even if he wants to publish the photographs on social media or wants to display them in a photograph exhibition, he or she should take written permission from the parents.

Family photography is something that has been in trend for long, like from the time of kings and queens. Many people used to misuse the photographs for targeting their enemy by recognizing them in the family photograph. Still, many people do this and in order to avoid this, the family head should strictly inform the professional photographer not to misuse the photographs.

Taking photographs is something which everyone loves because whenever we see a photograph, we are reminded of the event where the photograph was taken. These are something that a person can cherish for a long time.

But all the main things must be kept in mind while hiring a professional photographer, and he or she should always be made aware of the privacy plus the poser must be comfortable with the poses and that the photographs must be taken from a DSLR camera in order to obtain high quality photographs.

Things Your Maternity Photographer Must Offer

Becoming a mother is a very beautiful experience as it gives the mother a new life all together. It gives birth to a newborn child. This experience needs to be recorded, felt and cherished for the lifetime. This is where the importance of maternity photographer comes in. When hiring for maternity photography, keep these things in mind so that you do not regret your choice later. Be informed and take an informed decision.

Professional tools and camera: No matter what, equipment count. A DSLR is must to take pictures. Also lenses would help in getting even better ones. A prime lens would ensure you get high quality, sharp image with minimum aberrations. For the purpose of details of the newborn baby photography in Singapore, a micro lens would be of great help. It will add focus upon the eyelashes, the toes or the fingers of the baby. Reflector, soft box, backdrops and back stand would enhance the look of the picture. A picture that gives a high quality feel would be generated with the help of these tools.

Expertise counts: Before hiring the photographer, also look at its profile, catalog he/she has prepared. A clear look at the portfolio would allow the family to distinguish between the better photographers. Newborn photography and mother’s picture when she was pregnant, the kinds of background that has been used, and the lighting effect in pictures and the aesthetic effect would guide the family in deciding the right photographer. The comparison would allow choosing the best maternity photographer in Singapore. The expertise must show the caliber and talent that the person has and whether he deserves to be chosen for your dream maternity photographic sessions. Also, the availability of the photographer must be checked. Many-a-times they are occupied. Prior appointment would ensure that the photographer does your photo shoot on time.

Know the perfect time and poses: It is said that the best time to get photographed during maternity is between 32-38 weeks. But this does not mean that this is the standard set. Mother could get a series of photos clicked from being just in shape to the little bump to delivering the baby.  What is necessary though is that the mother should keep thinking of the inspirations where she would like the picture to be taken, with whom should it be taken etc. All this would allow clarity to overtake the hurry, hurry and same boring poses to be taken which almost every other mother during maternity photographs takes.

Whole family photography and the kid photography are in vogue in today’s world especially in Singapore. It would breed in good memories for the family during its lifetime. Therefore, choosing the right person for maternity photography is must.

Helpful Information for a Kid Photography Session

Kids are extremely hard to get good photos of. There are a couple of reasons for that. They would rather not sit for anything, and definitely not for newborn or baby photography. Even if you do finally succeed to get to them to stop moving, it is going to be another battle to have them look directly at the camera. And your kids may be smiling the whole, but when it is time to take a picture, they would just refuse to smile.

This tip is more for the younger kids, the ones who have just learned to walk. Now don’t they grow up fast! It seems like it was just yesterday that you had the maternity photography done. It can get really hard to take your pictures that are in focus if you are running after an eighteen-month-old around the entire area. This is where the professional photography services come. They have many tips and tricks.

It is much easier if you provide the kid a place to sit like a rocking horse, a stool, chair, bench, stump, etc. Keep your camera ready because they will not sit for long. All you will probably get is a minute or two before they jump off again and start running. Wooden items like stools, benches and rocking horses make awesome seating options when you are taking pictures because they have a neutral color. This means that they will not be distracting in the final picture. And you can always crop the prop from the photo later if you do not like it.

This is also for the younger kids. You may have gotten them sitting on a stool and be high enough that they are trapped. But that does not mean they will look at you or smile when you ask them to. Stay prepared with a small toy (a leaf or flower or a grab if you are outside). Hand the kids the item and give the a few minutes to explore it and start playing with it. Then the waiting game starts. Stay prepared with the camera ready for professional kid photography Singapore, until they look up at you and share their delight with you – that is the moment when you capture that expression.

You can also try grabbing a headband (may be a bunny ear) and put it in your head without the child seeing you put it there. Now ask the kid what is on your head and that how it got to be there. They will stare at you and probably start laughing. You can get more creative and tie bells to your wrist and jingle them up close to your camera for the kid to look at it to get their picture.

Professional kid photography Singapore uses these tips when the kid is part of a family photography session.

Maternity Photography – Keep it Fresh and Exciting from Start Till the End

Newborn Photography SingaporePregnancy and childbirth seems no less than a miracle and we wish to capture and treasure every single moment for the rest of our lives. Maternity photography is garnering a lot of attention and popularity, especially in Singapore and has become a way in which expecting parents can keep track of the various stages of pregnancy and capture the first moments and milestones in the child’s life in an aesthetic background from a professional. They can manage to capture the tiniest candid moments that are captured in our hearts and onto frames.

Maternity and newborn photography have garnered enough popularity among the people of Singapore because of the very same reason. When one is starting a family of your own, one wishes to capture every moment possible. While home videos are a good way to capture those, we always prefer to have those aesthetically collected. Now you can get an amazing collection of family photography and maternity photographs, candid clicks on the newborn and photographs in outfits and coordinated with backgrounds and so on at reasonable prices so that you can add them in the collection.

Time is fleeting when we see those young infants become toddlers and eventually grow up. This is a realization among many patrons and that is why they wish to get newborn and maternity photographs clicked. We try to capture every single happy moment and memory of our lives with the help of photographs and memories so that we can reminisce about those good days in our future years and live that memory all over again. Every single photograph tells a story and shows a phase in the life of the individual.

Kids don’t realize the importance of those memories when they are younger but as they grow older, they start to realize on how much those moments meant not only to them but to their families as well. That is why not only newborn photography, but kid photography Singapore is very important as well and quite popular in Singapore. You can hire the best photographers who try to help bring out the natural movements of children so that we can get somewhat candid and natural photographs along with that aesthetic quality only professional seem to bring out.

Some memories stay with us for our entire lives and childbirth is one of them. Baby photography Singapore is a budding profession and industry and is growing everyday and there is a good reason behind that. Newborn and kid photography trends are growing and improving every single day and we are provided with newer and better ideas in which we can get those pictures clicked and the best way to bring out that joy and light of our kids and onto the photographs.

Family Photography – A Photo shoot Filled with Playfulness and Love

Photographs are like a reminder of your past, an evidence of whatever you’ve done and felt. It is like travelling back in time and reliving those moments that meant everything to you. It’s like being a child again and enjoying the innocence and imagination of a kid. It’s like being a teenager again and feeling the hormone rush. It’s like going in the past and cherishing the precious moments with your family and friends. It’s like seeing the aesthetic beauty of all the places you’ve visited, like tasting and rejoicing the first cake you made. It is like being there in that particular moment in that frame of time and letting the magic happen.

When a child is born, is it not the wish of every parent in this world to capture every first of the baby, to record the first word uttered by the baby, to videotape the first baby step, to record their baby’s first dance and the first time he/she cries or crawls?
Every parent wishes to look back after a certain point of time in their life and relive what they had with their kids, to have a memory of each birthday, each achievement and every small and big thing that matters. Baby photography is one of the most beautiful and heartwarming to look at as you discover the innocence of a baby.

What about a woman who goes through 9 months of keeping the baby in her womb?
She would love to keep a track of the first time she realized she was pregnant, the first reaction of her husband and family to the first time she felt her baby kick and all the times that she had mood swings and ice cream cravings. Maternity photography is an insight into one of the most pure emotions one can ever witness.

Remember the last trip to Singapore when you were a kid? Remember that school trip? Remember that marriage ceremony where you met your family after a long time?

Whenever we think of such questions we wish to open the albums and look at the photographs. Kid photography of Singapore, the family reunion, that get together with friends after a long time, all these photographs give you a feeling of comfort and certain strangeness as to how amazing it is to have a record of all the beautiful days and moments of your life.

Family photography
is just another example of how we can look back and celebrate the love and care that is shared. Photographs of simple dinners to the well-dressed festive and wedding photographs are an array of memories that are stored and can be revisited every time our wants to revisit them.

Photography is not just an art or technique, it’s the beauty of having the power to revisit and relive memories.

Baby Photography Studio – Easy Steps to Getting the Best Baby Photographs

Newborn Photography SingaporeAll the parents around the world dream of gathering as many cute photographs of their little ones as possible, starting from the maternity period itself. Not only is it really important to collect the photographs of each and every special moment of your baby’s life, but also to click some amazing photographs that you might cherish all your life, but that family photography must also help your baby get a nostalgic flashback of his/her innocent childhood when he/she grows up. Let us discuss a few of the tips that might help you click some of the best baby photographs.

Steps to getting Best Baby Photographs:

  • Find the Sunlight: There is no need for flashing your camera’s lights as long as the natural lighting and the wonderful sunlight can help you get some of the liveliest photographs of your baby. Set your baby free under the open skies, let your child have some fun and start snapping.
  • Month-wise photographs: The month wise changes being attained by your little one needs to be a compulsory part of the newborn photography. No one knows better than you the changes occurring in the appearance of your child from his/her birth itself. You need to capture those little changes and cherish each and every aspect of your little one growing up. Professional Baby photography Singapore can help you out attain some of the best of your baby’s photographs.
  • Capture the little details: The little feet, the little hands, and that little nose, each aspect of your little one is really special in its own way and needs to be captured. Most of the common cameras are not really great enough to get all the little details in high-quality clarity. Best Kid photography Singapore can really help you out capture those little details and cherish those little joys forever.
  • Keep the Backdrop Simple: Really attractive and detailed backdrops might steal away the focus of your little ones. The backdrops need to be as minimalistic as possible. Simple backdrops actually make your baby stand out and create a right focal point in the photograph.
  • Keep the baby comfortable: It is really important to keep your baby cozy and comfortable. Once the baby gets annoyed, it would be impossible to click some joyful photographs. The smile on the baby’s face is the only thing which can make that simple photograph stand out of the world.

Get your little one clicked as much as you can at the moment. You would not even know as your little prince or princess might turn out to be grownups within no time and those nostalgic photographs only would be left to cherish those innocent smiles.

Importance of Children and Baby Photography

We all look at baby photographs and think to ourselves, “How adorable!” Yet most pictures we click on our phones are hurriedly clicked images which eventually will be lost in a forgotten folder. Unlike olden times when a camera was a luxury, in the age of smart phones and selfie sticks, we fail to consider what the importance of children and baby photography. In olden days, families would call a photographer at home or go to photo studios to get pictures which would forever adorn the walls of their homes.  While photography has gone outside homes and studios, this tradition of family photographs, especially photo shoots for babies and children needs a revival and here’s why!

  1. Intimacy Within the Family: According to the Oxford Research Encyclopedia, one of the most effective ways of improving family communication and family intimacy is to tell stories. Family photoshoots are a great way of enhancing the effect of this story-telling. Using family photography, people can form lasting bonds with different generations of family members. Family photography creates a tangible family tree where children can learn about the legacy of those who came before them.  The very act of coming together for photographs in itself is a great way to make some great family stories.
  2. Stress Reduction during Pregnancy and Post Partum: Pregnancy and motherhood are the most beautiful phases in a woman’s life, but they accompany high levels of stress with a changing body, changing lifestyle and anxiety about things going wrong. For a woman, maternity and baby photography can be a huge step in attaining body positivity. To be photographed tastefully at the most stressful time of her life can make her feel confident again. According to WHO, 13% of new mothers worldwide suffer from postpartum depression. A baby photo shoot can make a mother feel at ease with her newborn. Couples get a chance to release the stress of the whole process and create a healthier connection with one another and the baby. Plus, baby photos are adorable and make the best possible ice breakers!
  3. Improving Adoption Rates: UNICEF estimates that around 153 million children are orphans around the world. Promotional campaigns for adoption drives can greatly help in reducing this number. Newborn and kid photography can be used for this cause. If governments in various countries use professional photographers for clicking children who require adoption, it can make adoption more appealing to prospective families. This holds potential to have a direct impact on the number of adoptions taking place every year.
  4. Improving Birth Rates In Ageing Countries: Let’s talk about Singapore. In the last year, the number of deaths per year has been much greater than the number of births per year in the country. The population is ageing. Keeping that in mind, the governments of such countries often like to promote motherhood and ideas of family. A key factor in such promotional campaigns could be baby and maternity photography Singapore, for encouraging couples to consider parenthood by creating a positive image around it. Alternatively, family photography and child photography could encourage people to start families.

All in all, a good photograph, clicked tastefully and framed nicely still makes the best possible gift, a lasting keepsake and a personalized home décor item. Every time one looks at them, they bring back happy memories to cherish forever.

Newborn Photography – Memories for Life with Professional Photography

Newborn photographyLooking to capture the priceless and the most adorable memories of your tiny toddler, the little bundle of joy and laughter that has arrived and has become a part of your family? Then what are you waiting for, go and book yourself with a professional photographer in Singapore.

The newborn baby is the treasure of every parent’s life. The moments spent with your tiny toddler are beautiful and priceless. Every couple tries to preserve these precious and adorable memories of their newborn so as to make these memories everlasting.

The baby photoshoot lets you capture the spectacular moments of your little one which makes the snaps even more heart- warming. The blossoming personality of your toddler helps the photographer to get the perfect shots captured. The perfect shots are said to be captured when every little facet of your newborn’s personality be it their tiny toes, wispy curls or lovable giggles; the unique features of your little one become a part of these snaps.
The photographers try to capture the joy, laughter and the wonder of early childhood. The emotions, expressions and feelings are best captured when the candid snaps are shot. The care and caution is to be taken while handling a new life. The photographers have the experience of caring for a new life.

Capturing the Unique Images That You and Your Family Can Adore Forever

The way professional maternity photography assists you to relive the moments you encountered during the precious milestone of your life i.e. pregnancy; the same way newborn photography assists you in adoring and cherishing the moments of the early childhood of your tiny toddler.

The childhood, a period of fleeting moments, will not live forever. The baby will not remain your little, chubby and smiling one. But you can relive these moments and cherish forever.

Why Not Only Your Child, Be the Snaps Let You Relive the Cherishing Moments of Your Complete Family?

The special bond you share with your infant i.e. the elegant bond between the newborn and the parents, including the siblings are even captured so as to make it a complete family portrait. It lets you preserve the love, the real emotions and feelings of you and your partner towards the new addition to your family.
And don’t worry if you have missed the early moments of your tiny toddler then don’t forget to get the kid photography done.

The kid photography Singapore lets you capture and preserve the moments when the tiny footsteps of your toddler turns into a proper walk. It lets you capture the charm and the cuteness of your kid by getting the special and the wonderful moments captured.