Trends in Modern Family Photography

Freezing the most cherished memories of one’s life is only possible through photography. Photography is an art, which requires skilled personnel to capture the right moments at the right time.Thus, when planning any event or action, one must give special attention top photographers. Not all photographers are the same. To capture the growth of children and their mothers, maternity photography, is done by professionals. New born babies and the memories associated with them can be expertly captured by newborn photography experts. Joyous memories associated with the family can be captured by family photographers. Whatever the occasion is, there is a photographer for it. Choosing the right photographer for a wedding may be a bit daunting. Some tips for choosing a photographer apt for the occasion are:

1.     Charisma: The day of the wedding may be stressful for both of the bride and the groom. In order to capture the best moments of the marriage on film, the photographer should have a good temper. The photographer must be able to understand the mindset of the couple and relax them. Only then, the couple will feel comfortable and their memorable moments will be captured on film. The photographer must also understand the rest of the wedding crew and get along with them.

2.     Style/finesse: The main aim of arranging a photographer for the wedding is to capture the best moments in a clear and memorable way. Hence, the quality of the photographer selected is very important. The sample photographs of the photography team/ photographer must be closely examined and the quality of their work should be judged. The photographer must be chosen only when assurance on the quality of photography is complete.

3.     Experience: Photography is similar to a good wine, which needs time to get better. Only experienced photographers understand the nuances involved in wedding and are prepared to cope up with them. They have a command over the moments which are special and have to be captured on film. Moreover, they also have to exude a certain personality to keep the bride and the groom happy and comfortable. Experience should be one of the primary reasons for choosing/not choosing a photographer.

4.     Value for money: Wedding expenses can be quite much. So, drawing additional expenses because of wedding photography is not ideal. The photography team/ photographer selected for the wedding must be affordable without compromising on quality. The photographer must be clear about the price procedure and all the services covered.

5.     Recommendations: The best way to decide on a wedding photographer isto get recommendations from friends and relatives, who have already planned a wedding by themselves. Your friends and relatives can give better recommendations based on their experience without any monetary concern.Moreover, such recommendations can help to narrow down the search drastically.

The major elements to be considered while choosing a wedding photographer is the cost and intent. If the wedding is on age and scale, then holding back on a photographer is not wise. On the other hand, budget intensive weddings should consider the cost and value for their money.

Baby photography Singapore and kid photography Singapore and other services are also provided by these professional wedding photographers.

Family Photography – A Photo shoot Filled with Playfulness and Love

Photographs are like a reminder of your past, an evidence of whatever you’ve done and felt. It is like travelling back in time and reliving those moments that meant everything to you. It’s like being a child again and enjoying the innocence and imagination of a kid. It’s like being a teenager again and feeling the hormone rush. It’s like going in the past and cherishing the precious moments with your family and friends. It’s like seeing the aesthetic beauty of all the places you’ve visited, like tasting and rejoicing the first cake you made. It is like being there in that particular moment in that frame of time and letting the magic happen.

When a child is born, is it not the wish of every parent in this world to capture every first of the baby, to record the first word uttered by the baby, to videotape the first baby step, to record their baby’s first dance and the first time he/she cries or crawls?
Every parent wishes to look back after a certain point of time in their life and relive what they had with their kids, to have a memory of each birthday, each achievement and every small and big thing that matters. Baby photography is one of the most beautiful and heartwarming to look at as you discover the innocence of a baby.

What about a woman who goes through 9 months of keeping the baby in her womb?
She would love to keep a track of the first time she realized she was pregnant, the first reaction of her husband and family to the first time she felt her baby kick and all the times that she had mood swings and ice cream cravings. Maternity photography is an insight into one of the most pure emotions one can ever witness.

Remember the last trip to Singapore when you were a kid? Remember that school trip? Remember that marriage ceremony where you met your family after a long time?

Whenever we think of such questions we wish to open the albums and look at the photographs. Kid photography of Singapore, the family reunion, that get together with friends after a long time, all these photographs give you a feeling of comfort and certain strangeness as to how amazing it is to have a record of all the beautiful days and moments of your life.

Family photography
is just another example of how we can look back and celebrate the love and care that is shared. Photographs of simple dinners to the well-dressed festive and wedding photographs are an array of memories that are stored and can be revisited every time our wants to revisit them.

Photography is not just an art or technique, it’s the beauty of having the power to revisit and relive memories.

You Need Experienced Digital Photography For Your Family Photography

Traditionally, the ways of obtaining the photos were different and so was the technology. Now, the scenario has changed. The digitization has taken over the photography industry, making it much more easy and convenient for both professional and un-professional photographers. Now the digital cameras that are used for photography have photo detectors which capture the images and save them in the storage unit. Nowadays, digital cameras are able to store images for a long period of time. Since, they are so easy to use, anyone with a camera can click the photos. But There are some skills that only professional photographers hold that can help in capturing the best pictures or memories. There are different types of photographers who are experienced in different aspects of photography. One of the aspect is family photography. Family photography is something that involves emotions and memories. No matter how advanced technology becomes, you’ll still need a professional who has the knowledge of that technology and knows how to use that technology fully.

There are certain features of a camera that are worth knowing for good photography. The first feature is the resolution. Resolution is the initial aspect that is highly looked into by a professional photographer. There are many other features that contribute to capturing a good photograph. The features are focus, high-ISO, shutter speed, aperture etc. These features are taken into account while doing maternity photography or other family photography.

Usually, family photography revolves around newborn photography and kid photography. There are certain things that professionals do and unprofessional, don’t get the photograph.

While doing kid photography, the first thing to do is make kids feel comfortable which a professional photographer does. Now it is not about what clothes you wear. In the past, while clicking photos of the kids, it was all about making them wear their best dresses but now the scenario has changed. Casual clothes are ruling the kid photography Singapore industry. It only requires certain skill sets to capture the best photograph no matter what clothes the kid is wearing. A professional photographer takes up pain and puts effort to make the kid happy while the photography session. This helps in creating a comfortable environment for the kids, which later gets reflected in the photographs.

Another kind of photography is the newborn photography or baby photography Singapore. The motive of clicking these photos is to capture photos that are timeless, photos that will only bring a smile on a person’s face every time he or she sees it. For this, there are specific studio setups which can’t really be done without the help of a professional. So, one should always look for a professional when going for family photography.

Things to Help Pick the Perfect Family Photographer

Photography has nowadays become so common that anyone with a DSLR calls themselves a professional photographer! Hence finding a real professional has become very difficult. If you are planning to get a family photographer, you first need to consider an awful lot of things before you do so. There are many aspects of family photography which vary with the phase that your family is currently in.

When a couple is getting ready to start a family, then the photography would be focused on the period during pregnancy and childbirth. Maternity photography is different from normal photography in many ways. It is important for the photographer to catch the right moment as the time passes very quickly. Also maternity photography is more about clicking the happiness of women about to become mothers. The photographer must be experienced and should know the perfect moments to catch as these moments won’t return. As soon as the child is born, the focus soon shifts towards newborn.

Newborn photography is not an easy job. The photographer needs to spend a lot of time with the newborn to take a single perfect shot. Also the photographer needs to ensure that the environment in which the photography is done is suitable for the newborn. Newborn Photo Shoot also consists of many intimate moments shared between the mother and the newborn. So ensure that the photographer is professional and trustworthy. Also sign a confidentiality agreement with your photographer if possible.

The next stage is of an older baby. Baby photography requires the baby to be comfortable with the photographer in order to click a perfect picture. The photographer also needs to make sure that the dress of the baby is suited to the surroundings. Parents now prefer the photo to be taken in a more natural environment. In this format, the photography session is conducted in a completely natural environment. The baby is surrounded by natural elements. This type of photography is the specialty of baby photoshoot Singapore.

The demand for photography in natural surroundings is also very popular in taking kid photos.  Kid photography Singapore should be conducted in a location where the surroundings are kid proof. Also the comfort level of the photographer with the kids affects the picture.

It has been rightly said that photos tend to be our best friends with time as they never change even though we do. So before picking a family photographer, ensure that the photographer checks all these requirements. Also take a look at his/her portfolio. This would give you a better understanding about his/her style of work.

You Need Experienced Digital Photography for Your Family Photography

Digital photography has replaced the conventional photography where the process involved exposure of light sensitive photographic film or paper to obtain images. Digital cameras contain rows of electronic photo detectors which capture the image from the lens and store it as computer files for viewing and further processing. Every digital camera is a computer and can store images. Faster turnaround times required by professional photographers have led to the widespread popularity of this form of photography. With the burgeoning of social media websites, cell phone companies have incorporated these digital cameras in their instruments making it possible for everybody to try their hand at photography.

As far as cameras are concerned, the mirror less digital camera format is the latest invention, with an electronic viewfinder displacing the mirror and optical viewfinder set up in the DSLR cameras available on cell phones. They are smaller cameras and easier to handle. They have auto focus apart from the video capabilities of all cameras nowadays.

With all these advancements in technology, you still need someone who is experienced in the different aesthetic aspects of photography, for example, family photography – because finally, a photograph is something that appeals to your emotions and one hardly thinks of the technology that has gone into it.

Having said that, it is good to relate those features of a camera that will help capture the scene perfectly, to the satisfaction of both the photographer and the subject.

Resolution is one of the aspects that photographers look for, apart from  features like autofocus, video, hi-res files (that allow for cropping), high ISO ( which increase low light shooting functionality), full frame sensors, frames per second etc. are taken into account while choosing a camera for special projects like maternity photography and newborn photography.

Kid Photography

Taking pictures of kids is all about making them feel comfortable. Gone are the days when everybody would dress in their best clothes to ‘take a picture’. Casual clothes are the best, though color coordination among the family members is required. One can have dynamic pictures of kids at play or a life size photograph. Most kid photography in Singapore is a well thought out project where they take pains to keep the kids entertained and happy, so they do not feel uncomfortable. Sets are created to keep them interested at all times.

Baby Photography

The idea behind baby photography is to create timeless classic photos of babies, which you will never get tired of seeing! Such settings are available at studios specializing in baby photography Singapore. They have teams of dedicated photographers, editors and support staff to make the entire project of capturing your tot’s unique expressions in the most memorable way.

Family photography – Get Your Family Together In A Photograph

family-photographyA family is the most precious unit in the world! They make us what we are. We are all products of our families, whether they are bad or good, like the saying goes, ‘you just gotta love them’. Because, as you grow and mature, you know that every human being is the product of his family, and you can’t blame him or her for any wrong!

There are many ways to celebrate families and special occasions are the best! And special photographs!

When the children are young and you get a minute to spare from the endless chores, it is time to decide when to book that appointment with the family photographer, because this moment you must know will not last forever!

What to look for in a family photographer in Singapore:

  • Go online and look at their work. Look for photography skills they talk about and any interesting observation or offer that appeals to you – like trying new poses!
  • Check the rates. Apart from the cost of the photographs, the photographs charge a lot for releasing their rights of the digital images they have taken.
  • Check out the different things they have on offer. Most of them design packages based on style, location, subject eg. family photography. Pre wedding photography, wedding day or actual day photography are very popular subjects too.
  • Be clear on the terms of usage of the pictures. Most photographers allow images for personal release and commercial release separately. If you have paid for the personal release ones, you cannot use them on a revenue generating site say your blog, since it is possible to generate revenue from that. Another type of delivery of images after the session is providing print releases that can be personally shared through Facebook and email only.
  • Outdoor family photography should consider the following points:

No odd shadows of leaves on clothing or countenances, no harsh sunlight effects, dominating backgrounds, tree trunks that look that they are growing out of body parts, no squinting in the sunlight etc.

And as far as the people are concerned, no cropping of hands and feet, over posing, awkward looking arms and other parts of the body, too much separation space between members, heads at different levels, too much negative space etc.

  • Friendliness of the photographer. It makes a great difference when the photographer is sensitive and friendly, because he or she has to make the children comfortable, so they give their best pose and smile for what is going to be a lifelong precious souvenir.

Being an actual day photographer Singapore or the wedding day photographer in Singapore  is yet another  specialization there – Capturing the best moments of the couple during their wedding is an important responsibility given to photographers sometimes at the cost of blocking the entire proceedings from the audience! But no one really minds, because they know the importance of capturing the moment forever!

How to Cherish Your Loved Ones with an Expert Family Photographer

Photography has always been the means to capture a special moment for posterity. Now that intent seems more defined than before, with people in Singapore recognizing the role of a professional for family photography, especially when a special occasion comes up like a wedding or the birth of a baby.


Cherished memories come back to life when an expert family photographer has done his work.

An expert family photographer often has a background in film production. Sometimes when a woman is the photographer, she retains an all woman team who knows how to handle babies during a baby photography shoot.

Wedding Day Photography

Wedding day photography is perhaps the most important project of an expert Family Photographer. The entire project is looked back upon with fond memories. Indeed, the care, the detailing, the exploration of aesthetics that was achieved on that special day, is an indication, no less of how treasured and cherished the bride or groom is to her or his family.

Wedding day photographers in Singapore are sometimes part of the wedding planner groups. In this role they offer to dress the bride and have a variety of gowns the bride can choose from. These are displayed on their websites.

A Actual Day photographer Singapore has his work cut out for him or her from pre wedding photography till the actual wedding day and perhaps after and is part of the package. Pre wedding photo shoots are held at a venue of the couple’s choice and serves an important function. It helps the couple to get familiar with the photographer’s style and method of functioning and likewise helps the photographer to understand what makes his clients at ease while clicking photographs. This is important for the smooth progress of his work on their wedding day. It also provides a set of pictures which show the couple at ease, happy and having fun at different venues, adding to the viewing pleasure of a wedding album.

Wedding day photographers Singapore are also called an actual day photographer Singapore, when they arrive to capture the all the  events of the wedding day, right from the bride and groom dressing up, the group pictures of the bridesmaids, family and friends gathered, the ceremony itself, the reception and dance afterwards, till the newly wed couple leave the venue. Traditional Singaporean Peranakan weddings are also captured by professional family photographers, where beautiful traditional sarong kabayas are worn by the women. There is a pre wedding ceremony there too called Sang Jit.

It cannot be challenged that a wedding event is unmatched by any other in the preparation and planning that go into it. Arranging for an expert Family Photographer to capture the event is a way of showing that you care for your family.

Professional Family Photographer – Capturing Those Perfect Candid Moments

Family PhotographerEvery family in Singapore is bound to have at least one family photograph placed proudly in their home whether their entire family stays together or not. A family photography session is usually desired every year especially during Chinese New Year when the whole brood comes back from all parts of the world for the important traditional reunion.

From Babes to Marriage

Professional family photography is high in demand where skilled photographers are sought after to capture new arrivals to their marriages or even when grandchildren come along. Newborn photography is growing popular with proud parents showing off the new addition to their family. Professional baby photography Singapore studios are well equipped with the latest photography gadgets and soothing environments that would help them take the best newborn pictures in their studios.

As the baby grows, kid photography Singapore services are engaged to capture the candid moments of the child from physical to emotional. The cute antics of the growing child are precious and memorable to the parents who are unable to capture on film personally unlike professional kid photographers.

There are always great occasions to engage in professional family photography where a formal portrait is highly preferred especially among Asian families. Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and even deaths are unique occasions for family photography. It is not surprising to note the many family portraits on display in a typical Asian home in Singapore to prove the high demand of family photography on the island city.

Professional Photography Sessions

Professional photography sessions are to be taken by skilled and experienced photographers who love their profession. A professional family photographer who is friendly and creative would engage in creative means and ways to draw out the best of different family members in any photo shoot whether it is at home, studio or outside environment.

Picture perfect moments are the most candid moments when family members from young to old are totally relaxed in any environment and well prepared atmosphere to be themselves. A theme could be chosen for different family photography sessions to represent the family which makes the photo shoots more interesting while visitors enjoy the story through these professional photos.

But a skilled and friendly photographer must be found to ensure the best of candid photos captured. A photographer who has a deep passion for picture perfect family photography to newborn photography is likely to be very engaged in every aspect of the shoots for the masterpieces.

Taking professional photographs is a ritual in modern families today who want to establish strong family relations or altars in their homes even after the nest is empty. From newborn photography to family photography, the best of masterpieces are possible from dedicated photographers who love what they do.