5 Factors to consider before choosing maternity photography services

Mothers today are excited to capture the journey of their pregnancy. It is understandable given how it is an emotional time and families often want to capture the precious moments before their child comes into the world. Maternity photography has become the trend of the times with moms getting bolder and more open about their experiences of being pregnant.

These shoots occur between week 6 and week 8 of the due date’s arrival. Since time is of the essence, at least regarding this one life event, there is no scope for a re-shoot of any kind. Hence, it is imperative that you pick the right photographer for you who can make most of the little time he or she has to capture this precious event. Here are 5 factors that you need to look into before choosing a maternity photography service:

  1. Research is key – Most photography services, may it be wedding photography or maternity, have detailed websites that contain portfolios of their work. If you are swayed by the kind of photographs you see, then contact the service immediately. If you have no clue about maternity photography, asking referrals is also a great idea. If someone you know has had a wonderful experience, chances are that you will too. There are reviews and testimonials you can read through as well, before you make a decision.
  2. Experience speaks for itself – While doing your research, you will come to know who has more experience in the world of family photography in general. Look for someone who specializes in pregnancy or newborn photography because these photographers know what are the best lighting and poses to play with when it comes to clicking pregnant women. Everything from the angle to the position of the body structure and belly matters.
  3. Weight on the pocket – Always have a clear view on your budget before contacting any baby photography Singapore Ask as many questions as you want about what to expect during the session and the rates. There needs to be full clarity of what the expenditure will be like and you have the freedom to go with any photography service that suits you best.
  4. Talented editors – Your photographer should be an expert editor. Photography of this nature entails a bulk of photos being clicked of the client. Having a keen eye to pick the best out of the lot is a unique talent that only experts possess. Experienced photographers will be able to sort through them all and pick out the most aesthetic ones. The talent lies in retaining the candid nature of the photograph.
  5. Digital way or the film way? – Kid photography Singapore has two options in prints, either film or digital. There is a difference in the price range between the two and even factors like longevity and quality differ between the two. The world is moving towards digital, however, because it is much more affordable and versatile in its usage.

About Maternity Photoshoot – Roles to Play During Maternity Photography

What is a Maternity Photoshoot?

A maternity photo shoot is a photography session that is held a few weeks before the delivery due date of an expecting mother to celebrate the pregnancy and capture some precious moments of the mother-to-be and the baby bump which will produce a beautiful baby in a few weeks.

What better way to lock all pregnancy memories than by storing a thousand pictures of them? A maternity photographer will help achieve this goal. A professional photographer helps you set the ambience and the poses while you relax and relive this time a few years later. Maternity photography has been an increasing and popular trend in Singapore with about 27 expected mothers conducting them every 24 hours.

Want a dreamy maternity photo shoot?

Every mother wants a beautiful photoshoot for her to relish the memories later on. A perfect shoot is every mother’s dream. But what are some of the ways to get the best and be the best? Let us have a look.

1. Find inspirations.

Want a fairy-tale maternity photo shoot? Look up sites like Tumblr and Pinterest to find inspiration and ideas for your photo shoot. Decide on the theme first. What do you want to adopt? An elegant, classic, retro look maybe? Rummage through the pages of these websites to help you decide the perfect theme.

2. Choose a photographer that makes you comfortable.

Every photographer has a different way of facilitating a shoot which may or may not gel well with you. Thus, it is extremely crucial that you do thorough research of some of the photographers so that they can offer the style you want and can also make it a light, relaxing session for you. Relaxing during the photo shoot is of utmost importance.

3. Include other elements to the maternity shoot.

It is a cherry on the cake if your family is a part of your photo shoot. Try hiring a family photographer to store precious moments with your family for a lifetime. Also, if you have any other children, creating some pictures with them is a great idea. Kid photography, Singapore is an essential part of many photo shoots and excites the elder child waiting to bond with the baby to come.

4. Simplicity is key!

The idea of a maternal photoshoot is to capture the expecting mother and the baby bump. So, make sure to keep them in the limelight and not have a cluttered background that distracts the focus of the shoot. Try going for simple, yet flattering outfits and accessories.

5. What is the next step?

Going for another photo shoot after the baby is born is not a bad idea either. Give serious thought to ‘newborn photography’. Get pictures taken of you and the newborn to capture memories of this novel birth. Baby birth photography Singapore has surpassed maternity photo shoots extensively. After all, who doesn’t want a precious newborn to grace their pictures? These photographs would be just as priceless as the ones prior to the birth!

Hire a Professional Maternity Photographer for a Memorable Photo Shoot

Newborn photographyEvery family wants to capture moments and make memories. Those moments which always bring a smile to our faces whenever we look at them. We had a photo album which was solely dedicated to us. It kept all of our memories locked inside it and preserved our childhood. Times changed and this photo album gained a new digital form. It still has all our memories, but in a different form. Nowadays, parents love to start to preserve those memories as early as possible.

The concept of maternity photography is great. It is the best way to enjoy your pregnancy. It is a very tough as well as a joyous moment for a woman. Therefore, to capture the moments you had a life inside your womb is very touching. To record the process of your happiest moments of your life is soothing and good. Many people feel they are not pretty when they are pregnant. This can be because of the physical and mental changes your body undergoes when you are pregnant. Having a maternity photography can boost up your confidence and make you happy. It also helps you take a break from your busy schedule and help some more time with yourself as well as your family.

Baby photography is also gaining popularity due to social media. We always see those baby photos which just squeezes our heart just looking at those small precious little pumpkins. We just feel like taking their photographs because they look so pure and cute. Every parent adores their baby and wants to capture those precious moments.

Hiring a baby photographer is easy but difficult at the same time. New-born babies are quite delicate, so you need a photographer who is careful with your baby and also takes great photographs. Handling the baby carefully at the same time capturing those shots is quite a task. Since babies don’t know how to pose, we always take candid shots. A good baby photographer is someone who is able to capture those candid shots at the same time making sure the baby is safe and keeping happy.

A good tip to hire a good photographer is to see to if he or she is good with kids and knows how to handle them. Since baby photography is gaining popularity, especially newborn photography it is ideal to hire a good photographer who comes at an affordable price. It’s also advisable to use safe lighting and not too much flash as the babies are not comfortable with it and it also might scare them. Also see to it that you hire a photographer who is patient with you and your baby as babies tend to be moody and can handle them very well along with capturing the right shot with minimal repetition.

Along with baby photography Singapore, kid photography is also popular. Here too patience and handling is the key. Every photographer has to be creative and click good pictures with minimal setup. There are n number of photography studios in Singapore that do these kind of photoshoots, but choosing the right one is difficult. The above tips if followed, will make your job easier.

Things Your Maternity Photographer Must Offer

Becoming a mother is a very beautiful experience as it gives the mother a new life all together. It gives birth to a newborn child. This experience needs to be recorded, felt and cherished for the lifetime. This is where the importance of maternity photographer comes in. When hiring for maternity photography, keep these things in mind so that you do not regret your choice later. Be informed and take an informed decision.

Professional tools and camera: No matter what, equipment count. A DSLR is must to take pictures. Also lenses would help in getting even better ones. A prime lens would ensure you get high quality, sharp image with minimum aberrations. For the purpose of details of the newborn baby photography in Singapore, a micro lens would be of great help. It will add focus upon the eyelashes, the toes or the fingers of the baby. Reflector, soft box, backdrops and back stand would enhance the look of the picture. A picture that gives a high quality feel would be generated with the help of these tools.

Expertise counts: Before hiring the photographer, also look at its profile, catalog he/she has prepared. A clear look at the portfolio would allow the family to distinguish between the better photographers. Newborn photography and mother’s picture when she was pregnant, the kinds of background that has been used, and the lighting effect in pictures and the aesthetic effect would guide the family in deciding the right photographer. The comparison would allow choosing the best maternity photographer in Singapore. The expertise must show the caliber and talent that the person has and whether he deserves to be chosen for your dream maternity photographic sessions. Also, the availability of the photographer must be checked. Many-a-times they are occupied. Prior appointment would ensure that the photographer does your photo shoot on time.

Know the perfect time and poses: It is said that the best time to get photographed during maternity is between 32-38 weeks. But this does not mean that this is the standard set. Mother could get a series of photos clicked from being just in shape to the little bump to delivering the baby.  What is necessary though is that the mother should keep thinking of the inspirations where she would like the picture to be taken, with whom should it be taken etc. All this would allow clarity to overtake the hurry, hurry and same boring poses to be taken which almost every other mother during maternity photographs takes.

Whole family photography and the kid photography are in vogue in today’s world especially in Singapore. It would breed in good memories for the family during its lifetime. Therefore, choosing the right person for maternity photography is must.

Advantage of Baby Photography Using Modern Day Props

Newborn photographyThe 21st century has come to be known as the 21st century. With applications or apps like Instagram, Facebook, people cannot help but post a few hundred pictures almost every weekend, to maintain their social reputation. In stark contrast, there are still some people who enjoy clicking normal pictures with the help of proper cameras, such as DSLRs etc. These people prefer simplicity and so, click the normal quantity or number of pictures

Now, in the earlier days, photography was not as easy as it is today because of the absence of props. This made clicking pictures quite difficult. For example, if one had to click pictures depicting a certain scenario, such as a mountain or a desert setting, one would have to travel all that distance to get one’s photograph clicked.

Therefore, it made life difficult for mothers who wanted to display their babies in a very glorified or an exalted light, as having traveled from one place to another, or some such accomplishment, basically to increase the esteem of their babies and display their babies in an elevated manner in society.

However, with the march of civilization, and with the onset of the 21st century, things have improved dramatically for the better.  The simple reason is the invention of props which have made the life of so many mothers and photographers easier.

The fact is, they do not have to put a strain on their purses travelling to the places where they desire to have a photograph clicked. The invention of props has decreased the travel expenses greatly, and thus resulted in the mothers’ relief. Now, all the mothers had to do was to head over to their neighborhood studios and use the requisite props to get their required or desired photographs clicked.

Props are quite useful since they help in decreasing the expenses involved in photography. And indeed, props help in increasing the number of scenarios in which a photograph might be clicked. And during the course of photography, the babies being clicked have fun with the props too. The props serve as a distraction to them and thus help in keeping their attention engaged.

Props also help the photographers by supplementing their income. Since props decrease the travel costs, some portion of the travel expenses are often handed over to the photographers as an extra or supplementary amount.

Props are used in almost every branch of photography, such as baby photography, maternity photography singapore, and kid photography in Singapore etc.

  1. Now, the benefits of photography with props are that:-
  2. They are cheaper as they do not incur expenses
  3. They are far more attractive and aesthetically pleasing to the eye
  4. They add many more layers than previously possible to the photo
  5. They make the job or the task of photographers easier.

Therefore, one can successfully conclude that photography with props in the modern age or time has its benefits, which have been succinctly and lucidly described above.

Maternity Photography- Never To Miss Activity

Today I will be talking about the importance and charm of Maternity photography and why you should probably get one done. These days’ Newborn Photography and new Family Photography are much in vogue and slowly getting popularized in Southeast Asia as well. One of the first places to get awareness about these trends in Asia is Singapore and Kids photography in Singapore is gaining momentum at a rapid pace. With the kind of uniqueness and appeal it possesses, it is no wonder why Baby Photography in Singapore is gaining popularity of the level of pre-wedding and wedding shoots.

Now, I will state some of the reasons which will justify that maternity photo shoot is the next big thing in the industry and why you should go for one yourself.

  1. MAKES YOU GET COMFORTABLE IN YOUR SKIN: Maternity photography poses a great opportunity for women to fall in love with their bodies again, embrace all those courageous stretch marks and celebrate the big beautiful belly in which they carry their precious ones.
  1. IS A GREAT WAY TO RE-LIVE THOSE MOMENTS FOR YEARS TO COME: Capturing your pre-delivery shots will make sure that the memory of carrying your child for a     memorable period of 9 months never fade away and is kept fresh in your memory for years to come. Apart from that, it makes for great keepsakes and will be cherished by your children even after they enter adulthood and leave your nest.
  1. HELPS YOU BOND WITH YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER:  The maternity photo shoot is a great time to bond with your darling husband/partner as pregnancy can be really stressful at times and make a couple drift apart. This often happens because men feel like they are losing their witty, humorous and enticing partners to the seriousness of motherhood. At trying times like these, a fun photo shoot will be helpful in re-assuring your partner that he is your number one priority and always will be.
  1. CAN BE STRESS BUSTING:  A fun day out-doors will be helpful in busting all the third trimester anxiety and stress and will give you a chance to re-stress, rejuvenate and relax. To make it a memorable experience, you can have your maternity shoot on a fun place like a beach or a tasteful resort. However, remember to not over-exhaust yourself and catch on plenty of quality sleep afterwards.            
  1. CAN PUT THE SIBLING RIVALRY TO REST: If you already have older children, maternity photo shoot is a great way to engage them in your pregnancy and get them excited for their younger sibling’s arrival. Apart from that, it will make for a memorable future family photograph.

That’s all for today beautiful souls, hope this inspires you to take the best shots while you can.

Best Maternity Photography – Keep it Simple to Make It More Extraordinary

Becoming a parent, whether it was “planned” or “unexpected” is one of the best feelings in one’s life. Mothers are said to be the most close to their babies as they are connected before the baby is formed completely. Even when the baby is still in the womb, pictures are taken of the “to be mother” with her large belly and beautiful elegant face. And professional photographers are hired to capture these special moments. Maternity photography is something common nowadays followed by baby photography Singapore.

What to wear?

Wear anything in which you are comfortable. Remember, it is in order to make you, the to be mom who is being made special here. It’s more like your day so, if you feel like wearing a lingerie set, buttoned shirt or even a tube top, go for it, it is your comfort that matters. You look beautiful when you feel beautiful.

Where to shoot?

If you choose your home as the location for the photo shoot, it would be more comfortable for you as it is the surroundings for which you have an attachment for. But if you feel like you need to go outside, there are wonderful places in Singapore like the Tanjong Beach in Santosa Island or even the Windsor nature park. A beautiful background and atmosphere can fill your mind.

When Daddy steps in

A wife needs her husband especially when she is pregnant so, show that through your pictures. The daddy has to come in the photo frame in order to show his part as well. It adds more emotion and bliss to the photo, tell that love story of yours.

Keeping it simple

Mothers have the tendency to cuddle their stomach, I guess it is more like cuddling the baby for them so, when you pose for the photo just keep it natural. Show your love by keeping it normal.

Angle high

It is not just your stomach that becomes big but most of your body parts, a good photographer would know how to make even the weird look extremely beautiful. Try capturing the photo from a higher angle, it works.

Sibling love

If you have already a child, he or she would be waiting eagerly for his younger one. So, the little one along with his or her soon to come sibling would be one of the most adorable and pictures in your entire lifetime. Kid photography Singapore is not something easy, you need to give some time for it.  And the little one’s dadda will add more intensity to the picture. If the parents are also included it makes up a family photography, which is all the more cute!

When your kid gets old and is married off, and when you and your partner will be spending your retirement life alone and when you come across these captured moments, you will feel the nostalgia of how the time had flown past by so quickly and it would seem just like yesterday when you took your child to your very arms.

Expecting Baby – It’s Time to Keep the Moments Alive Forever with Maternity Photography

Why maternity photos?

There are a lot of reasons to click the maternity photos. Not many pregnant women have courage to click pictures of them because they think that their bodies look miserable. They become very insecure and embarrassed when asked to get their pictures clicked. But they forget that pregnancy is one the most beautiful phase of a woman’s life. It is their first experience with their child and getting a photo clicked while pregnant can become one of the best memories to cherish throughout the life. The photos are not only for you, but also for the baby. When they’ll grow up and see the photos, they will be filled with joy and emotions seeing their mother all happy and proud of carrying them within her body.

That’s why we’ll discuss some points on why you should get maternity photography.

Some women think that their belly looks big and will ruin the photos, but that is actually the beauty that will entice the photo. You can click a photo during pregnancy and then after pregnancy, do a newborn photography by holding your newborn in your hands. Trust us that will be the most beautiful thing you will ever see.

Any moment that you capture will become a memory for the future and if you become shy all the time and hide yourself, then your kids and you would not have many memories together, as photos are the best form of memories. Just by looking at the photo, you can relive a moment. When you are facing troubles in your life, remembering good memories gives you relief that’s what maternity photos will do. They will give you moments to remember and hold on to.

There are a lot of ways in which you can click the photos. It is something that you should do with fun. Get yourself involved in the pictures, smile, laugh and be creative. Hire a baby photographer Singapore and make yourself comfortable with the photographer, this way you and the photographer both will be able to enjoy the shoot and create something beautiful.

Don’t be afraid. Many women are afraid and ashamed of their bodies during pregnancy, but there is nothing to be ashamed of. You are clicking pictures for your kids and they would not care if their mommy is looking fat in the pictures. They should know that it is because of them and how beautifully their mom carried herself and the child. So hiring a photographer for kid photography Singapore is a good decision.

There are a very few moments in your life that you can cherish forever. Remember, there is a time for everything. So never let go of small things as they can be the reason for your happiness in the long journey of life. That’s why getting family photography is a great thing to do.

Maternity Photography – Mirror of Parental Love and Feelings

maternity-photography signaporeBeing pregnant brings manifold joy to the expecting mom who is usually excited and lost for words. Many things would be planned for the perfect pregnancy which includes maternity photography in today’s modern world. First-time expecting mothers would make special efforts in remembering their pregnancy of their first newborn.

Purpose of Maternity Photography

Many new parents are opting for professional maternity photography which allows a capturing of radiance on the expectant mother. These parents are capturing the essence of their unborn as the pregnancy develops over the months. The increasing bulge on the mother is a clear indication of the growing baby within that would soon change the whole routine of the family when it is delivered.

Maternity photography Singapore studios offer special packages that cover various months of growth to track the development of the baby through innovative and inspiring poses by the expectant mother and father-to-be. Various props and lighting are applied to reflect the different moods of the expecting mom at different months as parents anxiously await the delivery of their newborn.

Maternity photos also help to enhance the bond of the mother and child in later years when these photos become more significant and meaningful in the child’s life. Pregnancy is a very tender and special period in a mother’s life where poignant moments should be captured to remember the joy and challenges the expectant mom undergoes during the 3 trimesters of pregnancy.

Progressive Display of Love

As the baby is born, modern parents today would opt for newborn photography to have professional prints of their baby. This could be a challenging task for kid photography Singapore studios and photographers who must be skilled in taking baby portraits or family photos with babies or toddlers.

These young subjects are a challenge in any photography session without the right skills and experience. Attractive props and accessories are required to attract and distract young children in any professional photography which could be taken indoors or outdoors.

As the baby grows into adolescence, kid photography sessions may be another option for parents to have a record of their child’s development progress. Family portraits are highly popular for the first month and first year of the baby especially in Singapore where a lot of Asian families are very close-knitted to enjoy a family photo.


Families that opt for maternity photography and newborn photography value the strong family bonds they instill with one another. Maternity photography mirrors the strong display of parental love towards the unborn child while newborn photography captures the essence of joy and blessings a new baby brings on.

Experienced maternity photography studios Singapore offers professional photographers who are skilled in capturing the right expressions of expectant moms and dads.

Maternity Photography – Choose a Professional Photographer

maternity-photography-singaporeExpecting a baby especially for the first time can send flutters to the heart and stomach. A new phase of life is dawning with the confirmation of a new life that is the product of a beautiful union of two persons in love. It is common for the happy couple to consider professional maternity photography singapore during this period of joy and anticipation.

New Changes to New Lifestyles

Mothers-to-be in modern Singapore are keen to capture their exciting months of pregnancy through maternity photography Singapore services. The rampant changes to their body are intriguing where this beautiful experience is very personal. Hence, it is not surprising to have the expectant mother to want a professionally taken photograph of herself and her growing baby as shown by the increasing bulge in her womb.

Excellent maternity photography could capture the different poignant moments of the pregnancy in various trimesters. Besides being radiant as a bride, motherhood poses another radiant phase of life for every expecting woman.

New lifestyles are set to be embraced with changes emerging to cause certain upheavals to the otherwise serene lives of a couple.

Beyond Pregnancy

There is great excitement over the 9 months of pregnancy for a mother-to-be expecting her newborn into the world. It is common to have parents booking for newborn photography singapore sessions with their favorite professional baby photographer especially in Singapore where many young professionals are caught up in building their careers without much time in planning their family life.

When these young working professionals discover a new life developing within them, there is an absolute change in attitude and focus where family values set in more readily than before. The couple embraces their parenthood roles and responsibilities with great fervency to excel as in their profession.

Such attitude is likely to carry on as their child grows in the first 2 years where beautiful changes happen with the delightful physical and emotional growth of the baby is clearly seen. Professional kid photography Singapore services are frequently called in to capture the beautiful moments of the baby and toddler in highly fine prints that are masterpieces.

Professional photographers have the best of experience and facilities in handling maternity photography to kid photography in Singapore with proper photography technologies and equipment in and outside the studio.


Whether it is for a maternity photo shoot or baby photography, it is wise to choose a professional photographer in Singapore with a proven track record and raving comments from satisfied customers on professionally taken photographs of their baby or toddler.

Pregnancy is the best time for the woman to have her radiant beauty captured in professional print that would be the envy of many in years to come.