About Baby Photography- Do Not Compromise Your Own Parameters

Photography is a science in itself. And meeting the clients’ expectations can be challenging sometimes. Especially when you have to capture a newborn with your camera that is too young to follow your instructions. Handling a baby for that specific time period when you are not a parent can be a herculean task for some people. But, once you get in command, and everything from lights to props are as you wanted them to be, snapping a baby is one of the most amazing and overwhelming experience. Here are some tips for amazing baby photography:

– What does the client want: Discussing with the client whether they want the kid photography Singapore to be done in the studio or at some specific location like home, hospital, outdoor shoot etc. This will give you time to plan things and it is equally important to discuss your ideas with them so that they can visualize it in their mind and give a nod to go further.

The studio shoots may take up to four to six hours with feeding and potty breaks included. Each photo has to be photoshoped to get the exact results. These are best done when the baby is 2-3 weeks old. Props like soft blankets, hats, wraps, headgears can further increase the charm.

Home and hospital shoots are comparatively casual if client wishes to capture the natural images. This part can start from the time the mother gets hospitalized for delivery and pictures with full term baby bump can be added to maternity photography album too. The second part begins with welcoming the baby in the family and capturing the amazing reactions of the parents.

– Beforehand preparations: Studios have everything ready, but home sessions need preparation. The photographer should always have a checklist with him and get the location set as per the need. The checklist involves, but not limited to, camera, backup, lenses, memory cards, props like toys and other accessories, baby beanbags, step stool, clamps and backdrop stand, boppy pillows, waterproof padding, blankets and hats, etc.

– Preparation by clients: As the sessions are time consuming, the parents have to be mentally prepared for the same. It is advised to bathe the kid and feed him an hour before the shoot. They must also carry adequate diapers and must feed them intermittently. They must get ready clothing that would keep the baby warm.

– Allow the baby to inspire you: It always helps if you have some poses in your mind, but capturing the uniqueness of a child is fun in itself. Clicking the closeups on baby’s soft, creamy skin, beautiful eyes, pink lips, fluffy cheeks, a yawning mouth, stretched hands, little fists and toes while he enjoys a nap are not to be missed parts of baby photography.

Singapore has some of the most amazing studios to get the best clicks of your newborn. More and more families are getting their maternity, baby and family photography done by these experts behind the lens. A little preparation and communication can give you outcomes that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Maternity Photography – Mirror of Parental Love and Feelings

maternity-photography signaporeBeing pregnant brings manifold joy to the expecting mom who is usually excited and lost for words. Many things would be planned for the perfect pregnancy which includes maternity photography in today’s modern world. First-time expecting mothers would make special efforts in remembering their pregnancy of their first newborn.

Purpose of Maternity Photography

Many new parents are opting for professional maternity photography which allows a capturing of radiance on the expectant mother. These parents are capturing the essence of their unborn as the pregnancy develops over the months. The increasing bulge on the mother is a clear indication of the growing baby within that would soon change the whole routine of the family when it is delivered.

Maternity photography Singapore studios offer special packages that cover various months of growth to track the development of the baby through innovative and inspiring poses by the expectant mother and father-to-be. Various props and lighting are applied to reflect the different moods of the expecting mom at different months as parents anxiously await the delivery of their newborn.

Maternity photos also help to enhance the bond of the mother and child in later years when these photos become more significant and meaningful in the child’s life. Pregnancy is a very tender and special period in a mother’s life where poignant moments should be captured to remember the joy and challenges the expectant mom undergoes during the 3 trimesters of pregnancy.

Progressive Display of Love

As the baby is born, modern parents today would opt for newborn photography to have professional prints of their baby. This could be a challenging task for kid photography Singapore studios and photographers who must be skilled in taking baby portraits or family photos with babies or toddlers.

These young subjects are a challenge in any photography session without the right skills and experience. Attractive props and accessories are required to attract and distract young children in any professional photography which could be taken indoors or outdoors.

As the baby grows into adolescence, kid photography sessions may be another option for parents to have a record of their child’s development progress. Family portraits are highly popular for the first month and first year of the baby especially in Singapore where a lot of Asian families are very close-knitted to enjoy a family photo.


Families that opt for maternity photography and newborn photography value the strong family bonds they instill with one another. Maternity photography mirrors the strong display of parental love towards the unborn child while newborn photography captures the essence of joy and blessings a new baby brings on.

Experienced maternity photography studios Singapore offers professional photographers who are skilled in capturing the right expressions of expectant moms and dads.

Professional Family Photographer – Capturing Those Perfect Candid Moments

Family PhotographerEvery family in Singapore is bound to have at least one family photograph placed proudly in their home whether their entire family stays together or not. A family photography session is usually desired every year especially during Chinese New Year when the whole brood comes back from all parts of the world for the important traditional reunion.

From Babes to Marriage

Professional family photography is high in demand where skilled photographers are sought after to capture new arrivals to their marriages or even when grandchildren come along. Newborn photography is growing popular with proud parents showing off the new addition to their family. Professional baby photography Singapore studios are well equipped with the latest photography gadgets and soothing environments that would help them take the best newborn pictures in their studios.

As the baby grows, kid photography Singapore services are engaged to capture the candid moments of the child from physical to emotional. The cute antics of the growing child are precious and memorable to the parents who are unable to capture on film personally unlike professional kid photographers.

There are always great occasions to engage in professional family photography where a formal portrait is highly preferred especially among Asian families. Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and even deaths are unique occasions for family photography. It is not surprising to note the many family portraits on display in a typical Asian home in Singapore to prove the high demand of family photography on the island city.

Professional Photography Sessions

Professional photography sessions are to be taken by skilled and experienced photographers who love their profession. A professional family photographer who is friendly and creative would engage in creative means and ways to draw out the best of different family members in any photo shoot whether it is at home, studio or outside environment.

Picture perfect moments are the most candid moments when family members from young to old are totally relaxed in any environment and well prepared atmosphere to be themselves. A theme could be chosen for different family photography sessions to represent the family which makes the photo shoots more interesting while visitors enjoy the story through these professional photos.

But a skilled and friendly photographer must be found to ensure the best of candid photos captured. A photographer who has a deep passion for picture perfect family photography to newborn photography is likely to be very engaged in every aspect of the shoots for the masterpieces.

Taking professional photographs is a ritual in modern families today who want to establish strong family relations or altars in their homes even after the nest is empty. From newborn photography to family photography, the best of masterpieces are possible from dedicated photographers who love what they do.

Tips to Parents for Newborn Photography

If you have a newborn baby in the house then this means that you should always have a camera on hand. You need to be ready to capture all those precious moments of your newborn because most of them will happen only once. You also need to take photos of your newborn baby so that you have something to look at and reminisce when your child is all grown up.

Newborn photography can either be candid or staged. You can take photos of your baby’s most candid moments like when he is yawning, sleeping, smiling, laughing or frowning. The best tip for any parent if you want to take candid photos of your newborn is to always have your camera ready.

Newborn-PhotographyIf you want to have a photo shoot for your newborn then the background is very important. You should remember to keep the background simple because the main focus of the photos should be the baby. Backgrounds that are too colorful can be very distracting and take away the attention from the baby in the photo.

A great way to capture the photo of your newborn is by emphasizing his size. Newborn babies are very small so you need to show that in the photos. You can use props to do achieve this. You can place the baby beside a stuffed animal to show how small he is. You can also place the baby in your arms to show how tiny he is.

Timing is very essential in newborn photography. You need to choose the best time to take your photos. You will not be able to take any good photos if the baby is cranky. The best time to take newborn photos is in the morning after the baby is bathed and fed. This is the best time because the baby is comfortable and relaxed after bathing and feeding. Another great time to take photos is when the baby is sleeping. A photo of a sleeping baby is very adorable. You can take off his clothes and nappies and photograph him while he is curled up and sleeping. If you are lucky then you can capture a photo of your baby smiling while he is asleep.

Another important tip in newborn and kid photography is to make back-ups of your photos. It is best to make several back-ups in case your computer crashes or your files get deleted. It is also best to print the photos and make a scrapbook or place them in a photo album. This is still the best way to view your photos rather than looking at them on your computer.

Photography Tips by : DPhoto Folio